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Today, PACE continues to provide innovative solutions, products and training for the rework and repair of printed circuit assemblies. Our unique capabilities and evolving vision have provided universal solutions to thru-hole and surface mount assembly and rework problems for the most advanced electronics.

Additionally, PACE manufactures Fume Extraction systems to reduce exposure to harmful particulates and gases created from hand soldering operations. PACE Fume Extraction systems effectively remove these contaminants from the worker's breathing zone thereby reducing or eliminating health risks.

Our strong commitment and history of achievement has resulted in an unparalleled range of Assembly, Repair and Fume Extraction solutions to meet your needs whether working to IS0-9000, industrial, military or your own internal specifications. Whatever the challenge, PACE stands ready to set a new standard for you.



TF 1800 BGA Rework Station Commercial

The TF 1800’s Inductive-Convection Heating Technology provides ultimate thermal performance by its ability to instantly heat up and cool down the temperature of the air it delivers to the work. The air is first pre-heated in the outer chamber as it moves in a cyclonic fashion around the induction coil before it enters the inner chamber. It’s then heated to target temperature through a highly efficient heat transfer process in an energized induction field. During active cooling, the induction coil is de-energized. The heater’s unique low thermal mass design further enhances the system’s ability to heat up and cool down quickly and gives the operator an unsurpassed level of process control in developing thermal profiles for the particular rework task at hand. https://www.paceworldwide...

BGA Removal with the IR 1000

In this video we briefly demonstrate the removal of a BGA component from a smart phone circuit board. To get a quote or obtain more information on the IR 1000, visit the link below: https://www.paceworldwide... "The IR 1000 is a low-cost, remarkably flexible and effective rework system, capable of installing and removing passives, QFP's, SOIC's, PLCC's, MLF's, LCCC's, TSOP's, QFN's and BGA's. IR1000 uses a 500W top Infrared (IR) Heater that does not require heat focusing nozzlesIt is ideal for post assembly rework, repair, and low volume/short run production operations. Economical and easy to use, the IR 1000 delivers high-end functionality, moving far beyond expensive, bulky rework stations by offering unparalleled performance at an affordable price. It does not require heat-focusing nozzles, saving you thousands in additional costs. A microprocessor driven, semi-automated system that does not require an external PC, the IR 1000 allows for simple one zone profiles up to more complicated multi zone profiles and features PACE’s exclusive “Learn Mode” that assists the user with developing profiles. The unit uses a combination of IR top heating coupled with powerful IR bottom heating for an effective, repeatable heating process."

PH 100 Low Profile PCB Preheater

Do you repair thick multilayer printed circuit boards that are connected to metal ground planes? Avionics modules that are designed to dissipate heat? Heat-sinking pcb's utilizing lead-free alloys that seem to require a blow-torch to solder effectively? Then the PH 100 PCB Preheater is for you! The PACE PH 100 is a high powered (1600W), non-contact infrared (IR) underheating system with an ergonomic, low-profile design which permits operators to safely pre-heat PCB’s for fast, efficient soldering, rework or repair, even on the highest mass, thermally challenging, lead-free PCB’s. https://www.paceworldwide...


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