METKON bring total preparation solutions in metallography. We cover the complete range of instruments and consumables for Metallographic Sample Preparation, from manual machines to sophisticated microprocessor controlled preparation systems.

Our systems are used in research laboratories, in quality control, on production lines and in education, in large government installations, automotive companies and sub suppliers, small independent laboratories and other industries. Materials scientists, designers, engineers and QC managers use METKON products to evaluate the mechanical properties of materials, components and structures.

At our in-house manufacturing facility, quality drives production. From sheet metal parts to complex mechanical assemblies, METKON produces most of the components needed in our products, allowing strict control over the entire manufacturing process in accordance with the quality standards of ISO-9001. As a final check before shipping, instruments are thoroughly tested to assure quality and functionality.





DIGIPREP Velox Fully Automatic Programmable Grinding/Polishing System is developed for operator free sample preparation for high volume sample throughput starting from planar/coarse grinding to cleaning and drying.

METKON Spectral 350

Double Disc Grinding equipment of iron and steel samples for spectroscopic analysis.

METKON Spectral AG

Automatic cup grinder for spectroscopic sample preparation of iron and steel samples.


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