Soldamatic Augmented Training is an initiative of Seabery. Seabery is a global technologic company headquartered in Spain and pioneering the development of Augmented Reality (AR) technologies applied to professional training and industry. Seabery is an international company pioneering the development of Augmented Reality (AR) for professional training.

To compare in an existent course, the conventional welding training model that is being used nowadays, versus the new methodology proposed by SOLDAMATIC AUGMENTED TRAINING Technology (SATT). SATT focuses on optimizing costs, time and resources while avoiding risks or hazardous practices. This new methodology available by a pioneer use of Augmented Reality, aimed to augment the trainees’ motivation and therefore their qualification.




Welcome to the AUGMENTED REALITY world! Check this video to know how our welding training model works and you could see its advantages over the traditional method. Start changing your mind! If you want more information, follow us in Facebook, Twitter or send us an email to Facebook: Twitter:


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