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World-renowned industrial measurement tools

PCE Instruments works with things that are really important: industrial measurement tools that help to better understand and optimize processes. Our field of activity is the development, manufacture and distribution of industrial products that help to increase efficiency in many industries, such as industrial plants or laboratories.

The measuring instruments are the main focus of PCE Instruments. In our catalog, you will find hand tools, instruments for fixed installation and other measuring instruments for analysis and research.

Collecting data is becoming increasingly important every day in the industry, both in the professional and private sector. Demand is focused primarily on devices that measure quickly and accurately, delivering concrete results during the measurement. At PCE Instruments, you will find over 600 instruments from the areas of measurement, control and weighing technology.

Featured Items

Thickness Gauge PCE-CT 100

Non-destructive coating and dry film thickness (DFT) measuring device for use on ferrous (Fe) and non-ferrous (nFe) metal substrates PCE-CT 100 is a thickness measuring instrument used to quickly and easily determine coating thicknesses on ferrous (Fe) and non-ferrous (nFe) metals. This compact handheld coating thickness gauge uses magnetic induction (ISO 2178) and eddy current (ISO 2360) coating thickness measurement methods to take non-destructive measurements of coating and dry film thickness (DFT) on metal substrates such as steel and aluminum.


PCE-COM 20 is a portable handheld non-destructive material tester for non-ferrous metals. This non-destructive testing (NDT) device uses eddy current to determine the electrical conductivity of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and copper. Featuring an operating frequency of 60 kHz, the conductivity meter has a large measuring range of 0.51 ... 112% IACS with an accuracy of +/- 0.5% at 20°C / 68°F. Thanks to a resolution of up to 0.01% IACS, automatic temperature compensation (ATC) and lift-off compensation (up to 500 μm), the device ensures quick, easy, accurate and reproducible measurements of coated or corroded pieces during changing ambient conditions.

Accelerometer PCE-VDL 16I

The accelerometers of the PCE-VDL series are available in two versions. The accelerometer PCE-VDL 16I contains sensors for the following physical units: temperature, humidity, air pressure, light and 3-axis acceleration. The max. sampling rate of the acceleration sensor is 800 Hz, the remaining sensors are sampled with max. 1 Hz. The accelerometer is therefore ideally suited for use in fault diagnosis, stress testing, machine inspection, shock measurements and preventive maintenance.

Torque Meter PCE-DFG N TW Series

The torque meter PCE-DFG N TW Series consists of a hand-held measuring device and an external torque transducer. The torque wrench tester is delivered adjusted so that the control measurements can be started immediately. - Measurement range: 5, 10, 50, 100 Nm - Resolution: 0.001 Nm, 0.005, 0.01, 0.1 - Measurement uncertainty: ± 0.5% of the measurement range - Memory for 100 measurement series with 8,000 measurement points each - USB interface including PC software - Graphic display

Hardness Meter PCE-900-ICA

Metal Hardness Meter for HL, HRC, HRB, HB, HV, HSD - Measurement range 200 ... 900 HL - Accuracy ±0.8 % at HLD = 900 - Materials 9 different common materials - Conversion HL-HRC-HRB-HB-HV-HSD - Comes with ISO calibration certificate

Material Flow Index Tester PCE-MFI 400

The melt index tester from PCE Instruments is used for fast testing of the melt mass flow rate of plastics. The melt index tester is designed both for incoming goods inspection and for continuous production monitoring. Due to the clear display of all relevant parameters on the 7" touch display, measurement results can be determined in a short time with the melt index tester. - large 7" TFT touch display - clear depiction - Heating temperature up to +400 °C - Materials that have already been predefined

Ultrasonic Flow Meter PCE-TDS 100 Series

Clamp-on flow meters that works on the transit time ultrasonic principle. It is designed to measure the fluid velocity of liquid in a full/closed pipe. - Clamp on transducers - Accuracy for DN ≥ 50 mm: ±3.5 % of measured value - Accuracy for DN < 50 mm: ±1 % of measured value - Installation without process interruption - USB output and data transfer software - Comes with ISO calibration certificaten

Vibration Meter PCE-VT 3700

The vibration meter is ideal for maintenance workers to quickly check vibrating parts, machines and systems. This vibration meter shows the vibration acceleration, vibration velocity and vibration displacement directly on the display. Measuring ranges - Acceleration: 0.0 ... 399.9 m/s² - Velocity: 0.00 ... 399.9 mm/s - Displacement: 0.000 ... 3.9 mm - Automatic ISO 10816-3 evaluation - Colored graphic display - factory calibration certificate with data

Weighing Indicator PCE-HLTS Series

The hydraulic lifting table with scale helps you to work faster, more comfortably and with less strain on your back thanks to the infinitely variable height adjustment. This scale consists of a robust scissor lift table, which allows an individual working height of 350 .... 1130 mm. The hydraulic lift table scale can lift a load of up to 2 t (2,000 kg) and weigh it with a resolution of 0.5 kg. - Infinitely variable height adjustment from 350 ... 1130 mm - Raise and lower the platform at the touch of a button. - Lowering not possible in case of power failure thanks to safety valve. - External control unit with lifting button, lowering button and emergency stop.

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