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Union Lights

Union Lights

We create new values which can make the world more bright and illuminated.

Union Light Co., Ltd. is the largest comprehensive developer of lighting equipment in Korea such as emergency lights and 40 other types of rechargeable lights.

Union Light has been INNOBIZ certified by the Small and Medium Business Administration, obtained the Q mark and superior product developer GQ mark from KETI (Korea Electronics Technology Institute), and is enforcing a perfect product warranty system according to the ISO KS A9001/2001, with proven performance and functions through the supply of products to domestic businesses, military, police, and rehouses. Especially, it has obtained the UL mark (international safety standards) and has been selected as a promising small and medium exporter.

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 What is Emergency Light?

Emergency light is installed in living rooms or escape passages for safe and easy fleeing in case of power failure caused by fires or other disasters. It contains storage battery for emergency power, to be automatically lighted when the normal lighting is turned off due to power failure


USE / Rechtssatz

  1. Building with 5F or more with the total ground are over 3,000m2
  2. Subject for firefighting (not corresponding to part 1) with the floor area of the ground level or the windowless
  3. Floor over 450m2 : the evacuation tunnel with length over 500m2 (on the ground level or the windowless floor) [NEMA Notification No.2015-37, 2015.1.23, partial amendment]



Emergency Light

 Why do we need Smart Emergency lights?

To check and ensure your emergency lighting will function properly when needed during a power outage due to fire or disasters. It is difficult to turn maintenance switches on that are attached to emergency lights located in high or dangerous locations.


Smart Emergency Lights

  • LightsImprovement of the reliability and effectiveness of the emergency lighting maintenance.
  • Smartification of entire safety system which includes equipments for ensuring evacuationroutes in case of fire or emergency, fire extinguishing equipments and rescue system.]

Features of Smart Emergency Lights

  • Battery usage check after monitoring the battery level and charging state.
  • Ensure proper monitoring of the lighting and notifying you immediately in the event of emergencies.
  • Connection to Bluetooth allows you to remotely control from 30 feet away.
  • Remote control with smartphone apps.
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