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Refrigeration measurement technology – easier than ever before.

All your tasks become smart and convenient – with our perfectly connected & easy-to-use instruments. World innovation – digital refrigerant scale testo 560i

The new testo 560i wireless refrigerant scale, together with the intelligent valve, revolutionizes the charging of refrigeration systems and heat pumps. This is because the scale and valve enable automatic charging according to the target value – thanks to patented technology.

The measurement of the refrigerant weight for automatic charging is done easily and wirelessly as a team with our digital manifolds and the testo Smart App for your smartphone and tablet.


This is how easy it is

  1. Start scale, valve and manifold or App
  2. Connect hoses to system and measuring instruments
  3. Selecting the desired charging program in the manifold or App
  4. Enter target value weight, superheat or subcooling
  5. Start charging program. Done!

If desired, measurement data documentation with protocol dispatch on site.

Easy charging of systems with testo 560i refrigerant scale and intelligent valve

More info about the scale and all refrigeration measuring instruments : Download Brochure