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Fluke 1550C Digital Insulation Resistance Tester, 5kV-
Fluke 1550C Digital Insulation Resistance Tester, 5kV

Fluke 1550C Digital Insulation Resistance Tester, 5kV

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Ideal for preventive or predictive maintenance programs, this insulation resistance tester identifies potential equipment failures before they occur. This tool is Fluke Connect compatible tests digital insulation up to 5 kV. Additionally, remote operation enables you to spend less time in potentially hazardous areas.

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Evaluate the trends, eliminate the doubt

Test up to 5 kV and makes data collection easy due to its compatibility with the Fluke Connect™ wireless application. This insulation meter is ideal for testing a wide range of high voltage equipment including switchgear, motors, generators, and cables.

Conduct the entire range of test voltages specified in IEEE 43-2000 with a best in class and CAT IV 600 V safety rating. With measurement storage and PC interface, it is ideal for preventative or predictive maintenance programs designed to identify potential equipment failures before they occur.


  • TrendIt™ Graphs: Use graphing to show changes in measurements, allowing you to graph and show problems instantly.
  • EquipmentLog™ History: Access equipment history building a database of equipment health and baselines with cloud backup.
  • ShareLive™ Video Calls: Save, collaborate and share measurements instantly with your team anytime, from anywhere.
  • AutoRecord™ Measurements: Instantly save measurements to your phone with Cloud backup.
  • Fluke Cloud™ Storage: Securely access equipment records anywhere, anytime.



Additional information


<5 M&ohm;
5 M&ohm; to 100 G&ohm;
100G&ohm; to 1 T&ohm;
>1 T&ohm;

Accuracy (± Reading)


Bar Graph Range

0 to 1 T&ohm;

Insulation Test Voltage Accuracy

-0%, +10% at 1 mA load current

Induced AC Mains Current Rejection

2 mA maximum

Charging Rate for Capacitive Load

5 seconds per µF

Discharge Rate for Capacitive Load

1.5 s/µF

Leakage Current Measurement

Range: 1 nA to 2 mA
Accuracy: ±(5% + 2 nA)

Capacitance Measurement

Range: 0.01 to 15.00 µF
Accuracy: ±(15% rdg + 0.03 µF)


Range: 0 to 99 minutes
Resolution setting: 1 minute
Resolution Indication: 1 second

Live Circuit Warning

Warning range: 30 to 660 V AC/DC, 50/60 Hz
Voltage accuracy: ±(15% + 2 V)

Software Specifications

FlukeView Forms™ basic software requires a PC running Windows XP, Windows Vista , Windows 7 or Windows 8.


2.95 x 4.13" (75 x 105 mm)


12 V lead-acid rechargeable battery, Yuasa NP2.8-12

Charger Input (AC)

85 to 250 V AC 50/60 Hz 20 VA

Operating Temperature

-4 to 122°F (-20 to 50°C)

Storage Temperature

-4 to 149°F (-20 to 65°C)


80% to 88°F (31°C) decreasing linearly to 50% at 122°F (50°C)


6561.7' (2000 m)

Enclosure Sealing


Input Overload Protection

1000 V AC

Electromagnetic Compatibility

EN 61326


10.6 x 10.9 x 6.3" (269 x 277 x 160 mm)


8.2 lbs (3.7 kg), 1587 FC, 50 V, 100 V, 250 V, 500 V, 1000 V, 0.01 MΩ to 2 GΩ, 1000, With Fluke Connect App, Digital LCD, Fluke Connect compatible, 4 AA (NEDA 15A or IEC LR6)


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